Monday, February 15, 2010

The Silkie Saga

Probably "saga" is being a little too melodramatic but it was a bittersweet experience. The sweet part is that we ended up with two beautiful silkie babies from the three eggs that did develop. Bless their little pointed heads. :)
The bitter part was that my first little pipper that I blogged about in my previous post died. He zipped around the egg successfully and just stopped moving. (That's his egg in the foreground) We tapped on the incubator after a few minutes and he still did not move. I took the egg out and he was dead. Perfectly formed with no defects visible to the eye so I'm guessing he died from exhaustion going 40 hours from pip to zip.

The two other chicks hatched with no problems and are doing well. Hopefully I'll be setting more eggs very soon. Yes, it can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster but that's just how it is when you take on the challenge of raising anything: chickens, children or tomatoes they all make me want to cry at some point. ;) But the rewards far outweigh the tears!


  1. Well, thank goodness for the *sweet.* Those two chicks sure are cute (funny) looking. I really want to add silkies to our flock of one.

  2. Thanks :)
    Now that they are fluffed out they both look like little cone heads!
    But that's a good thing when you are a silkie ;)

  3. How adorable! Congrats on your chicks, by the way. :) I can't wait until I set my next ones. . . Marans and Ameraucanas!