Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Canadian Bacon: the Final Chapter

Yesterday morning, the Canadian bacon was to go into the smoker.  But before that I had to let the smoker heat up to 225F and in the meantime, let the pieces of cured loin rest at room temperature for an hour.
When the hour was up, into the smoker my little babies went.  I had water in the pan of the smoker and left the vents open half way.  After closing the smoker I turned on the smoke and the wood I used was maple.  I didn't touch the temperature control.
My plan was to apply 2 hours of maple smoke but my little chunks of loin reached an internal temperature of 145F before the smoke session completed.  So, I pulled them out. From all that I am reading, cured pork loin is best if you let it go between 140F and 150F, beyond that, it will dry out because it is so lean.  One of the gentlemen that helped me on the Bradley Smoker Forum pulls his at 140F.
They came out really pretty, the color made you want to eat them!  I tented them with fold and let them cool down enough to handle them so I would wrap them and let them cool down completely before taking a sample, it wasn't easy to wait!  Later in the evening we all took a taste test and were very pleased with the results.  Cannot wait to make another one and I'm already eyeballing another recipe but this time I want to work with entire loin.


  1. This is going to have to be my next curing/smoking project, those just look entirely too good!

    1. Hi Becky!
      Yes!!! YOu do have to do this :) The cook time was so fast, a lot less checking and fussing than a ham, too. Check out that recipe that I linked in the last paragraph, it's written by a curing expert on the Bradley Smoker Forum.

    2. I don't see a link in the last paragraph ?

    3. Hi Becky,
      The word "recipe" is a link, it's a slightly redder color.
      Last sentence.