Friday, April 20, 2012

First Attempt at Canadian Bacon

Here we go again, curing and smoking some pork.  This time I am going to make my first Canadian bacon. The recipe I'm working is from the Bradley Recipe Site.  This recipe requires a three week curing time which is very different from anything I have ever tried in the pass and is going to make this blog entry into a two or three parter. I'm going with this recipe because it calls for maple sugar cure and grade b maple syrup, two things I have on hand and would like to use.  So, for this recipe you will need only three ingredients:
  • Pork loin
  • Maple sugar cure, used to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Grade B maple syrup, this is not the kind you put on pancakes but it's best used for cooking.
My pork loin was a half portion weighing in at five pounds and after trimming the exterior fat from it, ended up weighing in at three and a half pounds. I cut this half.
The maple sugar cure was from Cabela's.  Their directions for dry rub application was 0.07lb per pound of meat.  For the amount of meat I had I calculated 3.5 pounds of meat would need about 0.25 pound of cure which would be 4 ounces.  Does that make sense?  I rubbed 2 ounces of cure on each half.
Each half was placed in its own one gallon zip loc bag.  Now they are in the fridge and I am turning them everyday.  After 3 days, I will be adding the maple syrup to them and promise to keep every one posted on the progress.


  1. Oh good, I'll be watching! I want to make Canadian bacon too eventually. I haven't been smoking much lately. I actually have a small pork loin in the freezer but I think I might just smoke it. Maybe we'll do that this weekend.

  2. Hi Becky,
    Not too sure how a 3 week cure will go. I may chicken out and only go a week, though. Not quite sure how two more weeks will make it better.
    enjoy your pork loin this weekend :)