Friday, February 12, 2010

A Pip! Now Just Waiting For the Zip.

One of our dear little silkie eggs that I blogged about last week has pipped. We came home from Emma's 4H meeting and I noticed a wee little, almost discernible crack in one of the eggs. That is what's known as a "pip".

Before we went to bed last night we were lucky enough to see the chick make the pip a bit larger while we watched. Now we are waiting on the "zip" which is when the chick pecks away the shell in a circle around the egg. The zip starts at the pip. Chicks will usually pip and rest for up to 24 hours before they start to work on the zip.

Nothing to report on the other two eggs as of yet. Hopefully this little early bird will inspire the other two to get cracking. I'll keep you all posted.:)


  1. So looking forward to seeing the little chicks. I have 5 chickens, one is an Araucana - gives green eggs when she's up to it. She is getting old, so not too many lately. The other 4 ladies are, to me, just the common brown egg laying chickens. They are lots of fun.

    Oooh, living the sustainable life. I wish I could do more, but chickens for eggs, making my own bread and dog cookies, are it for now. I do make all gifts I give, crochet, knitted, sewn or beaded - I do it all!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my place. I hope you stop by often, you are most welcome ...

  2. Oh hello Yvette!!
    It's a small world.
    What marvelous timing... can we join you in the zip watch?
    This is very exciting.
    And only three days ago I looked in to buying fertile silkie eggs... just to see if such a thing is even possible. Now I am even more happy that "Caribou" came to Chickenblog.

  3. Hi Guys!
    Still it at the zip stage on this one egg :(
    Just got to stay patient...I think :)
    These are my first silkie eggs and my second experience with shipped eggs.
    Thanks for stopping by to to visit my blog.
    I've been blog surfing and I bet I went from oen of your blogs to the other's by the great links.
    I'll keep you gals posted!

  4. Good morning.
    Can you guess what brought me over?
    (I will try to be patient.)

  5. Hi!
    My pipper is still a pip. We hit the 30hr-since-pip mark so I did the big no-no and took him out and chipped a bit of shell away because he wasn't making a sound or movement. But he is just fine, I placed him back and now he's slowly zipping.
    I have never had an egg take so long...I'm wondering if this something unique to silkies??
    We have a new pip this morning..yeah!
    I will keep you guys posted.
    I really appreciate the support :)

  6. Congrats on your pip.

  7. Thanks!
    I do have good news and bad news :( :)
    That little pipper eventually zipped completely around the egg...then died. I'm guessing from exhaustion?
    But the other two little eggs hatched with no problems and we are enjoying our new little silkie babes.
    I will make an entry on them as soon as I can.
    Thanks for cheering these little on,