Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Cuckoos Are Coming....I Hope!

Look what I got in the mail last Monday! A dozen Cuckoo Marans eggs from Meyers Hatchery in Ohio. They shipped them out Friday and they arrived here in Idaho on Monday. They packed them beautifully in foam and not one broke. I candled them to check for cracks or damaged air cells and they looked really good.
After resting over night they went into the incubator this morning with a dozen eggs from my own chickens that I collected over the weekend. My good friend Rachael wants a rooster and some hens so we are going to "cook" her up a bunch. We'll end up with some spare roosters, luckily they are edible!
I had such good results with our first hatch I'm going to do everything exactly the same this time around. With shipped eggs it's always a gamble because you have no idea what they have been exposed to along the way....rough handling, dropping or temperature extremes. So, we will keep our fingers crossed that some of the Cuckcoo Marans will hatch. I'll be candling the eggs and checking for development on day 7 of the incubation process.

To be continued......


  1. Oh boy!! Oh Boy!! Or girl??? I am so excited! They all look so cozy and warm! Do you find yourself hovering around them with wonder and awe? Do you feel like the ultimate Mother Hen? Yay!

  2. Thank you for your experience. Beautiful!