Sunday, May 6, 2012

Everything But the Turkeys

My dad and I went turkey hunting in the woods surrounding our home yesterday.  We didn't see any turkeys only turkey poop.  Fortunately I did bring my camera and take some nice pictures.  I think these flowers are some kind of wild clematis but I am not certain.
I do know this is shooting star.
We spied a bald eagle's nest which was really exciting for me since I had never seen one before.
I panned out on this shot and marked the nest with a circle.  You can see one of the eagles, too.
 Also, we saw 6 elk but they wouldn't stop to get their picture taken.


  1. How nice to see so much wildlife (I love the eagle nest. I have never seen one either). Here we are lucky to see some duck and geese in the woods, though one time we did see a deer and once an armadillo had three babies right near the woods path and we got to watch them grow. Nothing as cool as elk and eagles, lol.

  2. Hi Becky,
    I would love to see an armadillo!
    You never know what you will see walking around here, it's a lot of fun.