Sunday, April 22, 2012

It Really Seemed Like Spring Today!

 Black copper marans enjoying the sun
Today was the third day here since early October of 2011 that was actually in the 70s.  Not too unbelievable around these parts but all my family wanted to do today was to be outside either working or playing.

My daughter's friend had spent the night for a sleepover and this morning we went on a little walk in the back of our property.  My daughter caught a frog but seeing a young bull moose in velvet was probably the highlight of the day.  Of course I didn't bring a camera and of course the moose stood there for a million years because I am sure he knew as well that I didn't bring my camera.

But not getting a moose picture couldn't get me down so later in  the day after taking a break from chores I took a few pictures from around our place.
Our 60 foot compost pile

Having a lot of chickens has it's benefits:  a lot of stuff to compost for the garden.  Also, I have been clearing all the hay that the cattle had knock down into the ground from the hay feeder last winter.  You want to talk about hot stuff,  it compost better than anything I've ever tried and gets really hot very quickly.
First finished garden bed

We have three high-fenced vegetable garden beds.  This is the first one planted so far.  It's kind of strange location because it does get some shade but since it's on a slight slope facing due south, it's the first to heat up and lose it's snow.  The down side is that late summer, early fall it likes to shade up again so it is not great for planting things that take all summer to mature here:  winter squash, pumpkins, tomatoes and green beans are not a great choice to plant in this bed.  Greens, radishes and peas and other cool-loving plants love it though.

I love Ed Smith's "Vegetable Gardening Bible", it's the only book I refer, too.  It's also where I got the idea to cover the walkways with a layer of newspaper and then top it with straw.  Great weed control and it looks tidy.  In the fall, I add leaf litter and compost to the beds and then lay the straw from the walkways on top so the earthworms and night crawlers have a nice cozy bed to work and break down the leaf litter.
more bees...
and more bees.


  1. Your garden bed is like the one I have in the back yard. It is good for the early spring crops but not so good once the leaves are all on the trees.
    It was actually cooler than normal here today. Low 70's most of the day, I think, and windy. We never get wind but we got some today. It made the day rather lovely.
    I love the pictures of the bees. I want bees and then I am afraid of them and don't want them. I think I just want the fresh honey, lol.

    1. Hi Becky,
      Out of our three gardens, two are struggling with increasing shade as the trees around them grow larger.
      Here's an idea: Let someone else put a few hives on your place and request honey as "rent". I have a neighbor that does that, they get the benefit of the pollination and some of the honey without having touch a hive.

  2. What a lovely day you had. A moose sighting is always exciting. Love all the photos!