Thursday, June 30, 2011

So, Where Have I Been All This Time?

I have been hiding in the trunk of a giant cedar tree...just kidding!

Well, I'm not exactly sure how to explain my absence from my own blog. It's my blog, I write and share my life with you in it. If you are reading my blog you are obvious kind enough to show up so I really do not have any excuse valid enough to support my reason for not writing in my own blog.

But I do apologize for not writing in over a years time. I was posting on the Bradley Smoker Forum yesterday and a member mentioned that he liked my blog and I felt so embarrassed for having not written in it for over a year. The only excuse I could come up with was that had been too busy doing the things I normally write about to write about them. Does that make a lick of sense? Not really, huh?

So, I am now going to attempt to make the time to write in my blog again. I have so many new things that I want to share with you all and I am so grateful that anyone is interested in what I love to do.

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