Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh, Deer!

Deer season in North Idaho has come to a close and what a season it as been! It started out very slowly and ended with a bang....literally.
My husband hunted almost daily from the beginning of the season and saw a lot of bucks but mostly young spikes and forkies...even a few elk. Luckily at the peak of the rut a nice mature 9-point buck showed just long enough for him to get a good shot at it.
Not to be out done, my dad came up and got this beautiful 8 point buck with only two days left in the season. Way to go dad!
Greg removed the back straps and tenderloins from the deer. The remaining meat was taken to the local processors to be hung, cut and wrapped. We're all looking forward to next year but in the mean time we'll be enjoying all this wonderful meat. Yum!!

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