Sunday, May 24, 2009

My New Toy, Eh, I Mean Tool

Look at what I got! No, it's not a medieval torture device, it's my new LEM 5lb vertical sausage stuffer. I have finally moved up in the world with this sausage making hobby of mine. Not that I didn't like my Kitchen Aid stuffer but it was pretty slow and made stuffing even small amounts of sausage a time-consuming chore. But I do still love my grinder attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer. It works great for what I need in a grinder.
My new stuffer is so easy to use. I can load up to 5 pounds of meat in the cylinder and crank out the sausage. The first thing I made with it was smoked venison snack sticks using Nepa's snack sticks recipe. You can visit his blog: Blue Smoke and BBQ.
The snack sticks came out beautiful and delicious. I could not wait to make something else. On the Bradley Smoker Forum, Nepas also posted a Bratwurst recipe that I had to try. Using 3 pounds of ground venison to 2 pounds of ground pork, I followed the recipe and cranked out 5 pounds of "Brats" stuffed into natural hog casings. I even tried making links which was a bit of a challenge this first time around.
We grilled some of these guys up over indirect heat for 8 minutes on each side. They were wonderfully tasty and juicy. Now I'm pouring over recipes looking forward to what I'll "stuff" next. I promise I will share it with you.


  1. Nice stuffer there Carolyn. And sausages.

    AKA nepas

  2. Wow. I'm impressed, and inspired.

  3. Caribou those links look real good. If you do it yourself, it's better than store bought.